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Postage Fee per Possum Kit

Fees are based on Australia Post 4 Day Business prices.  Delivery times will vary depending on delivery address.

delivery times
For remote areas, allow up to an additional 5 business days

Please note: Days refer to business days and to the estimated delivery days once your order has been dispatched from the warehouse. Full payment is required prior to delivery.

A Standard Banned possum guard kit comes in two sizes and includes the following:
(All you then need is a cordless drill, tape measure, tape and a Stanley knife.)

500mm width Kit

  • 1 x 20m roll
  • 10 Galvanised joining strips
  • 40 Screws
  • $330 including GST

930mm width Kit

  • 1 x 20m roll 
  • 20 Galvanised joining strips
  • 80 Screws
  • $550 including GST