Banned possum guard is easy to use and can generally be installed by one person. All you need then is a cordless drill, tape measure, Stanley knife and tape.

1. Measure the circumference of the trunk at the height you wish to place the possum guard. Allow at least 1500mm above the ground and allow for a 100mm overlap.


2. Unroll and measure the guard to the required length. Cut the guard at the required length using the galvanised joining strip as a guide.


3. Wrap the guard around the tree. Use tape to secure the guard at the desired height.


4. Clamp the joiner down, using a drill, screw the top screw into the joiner to fasten it. Then proceed and screw all remaining screws into the joiner.

5. The installation of your new Banned possum guard is now complete.



A Standard Banned possum guard kit comes in two sizes and includes the following:
(All you then need is a cordless drill, tape measure, tape and a Stanley knife.)

500mm width Kit

  • 1 x 20m roll
  • 10 Galvanised joining strips
  • 40 Screws
  • $330 including GST

930mm width Kit

  • 1 x 20m roll 
  • 20 Galvanised joining strips
  • 80 Screws
  • $550 including GST